Our Projects

Here are some of the things we do to enrich the lives of people with disabilities.



During the last three years we have integrated two paddleboats in order to enable our clients to have an exciting and safe fishing experience in local lakes.

Blackberry Patch

Blackberry large

We have been developing an area in our garden where we have made a maze of pathways through a large blackberry patch. The pathways are to be wheel chair accessible. So far we have about a thousand feet of pathways which makes for a much accessible picking area. We are hoping for funding in the near future to make it more accessible to persons with limited mobility.


Beehive large

Recently we have had the opportunity to have a dozen beehives in our garden. We noticed that we had a larger that usual amount of berries in our blackberry patch, and the garden thrived because of the beneficial pollinating activities of the bees. We also were able to share this experience with the children that were involved in our programs. The honey that the bees produced was quite substantial and was enjoyed by all.

Chicken Tractors

Chicken tractor large

There are very many worthwhile additions to our garden, one of them being 40 foot long structures with laying spaces called chicken tractors. These are cage-like structures that have no floor and are moved through the garden area. The chickens that are in this structure tear up the ground and fertilize it at the same time and the chickens also produce organic eggs. The type of hens that we have are called Isiys.