Our garden is an oasis created by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. So far on our farm we have: tomatoes, potatoes, chickens, and bees.

About Our Farm

Chicken tractor

The ‘gardening experience’ gives people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in planting, cultivating, weeding, and meeting new friends.

The programs offered by the Local Yokels Society have been proven helpful to persons with disabilities by improving memory loss and balance and speech improvement and also meeting people with gardening interests, making new friends, building self esteem, eating organic, participating in food and vegetable marketing, becoming a part of the community and creating a self-sustainable oasis.

Richard and Sandy’s goals are to provide a safe garden environment that is beneficial for disabled persons with limited mobility.

We act as role models: it’s all about connecting, work ethics, completing projects and promoting a healthy diet of organically grown local foods.

Come Visit Us!


Our garden is located on Glidden Road on the beautiful Saanich peninsula. Contact us for times for garden therapy programs and schedules. We hope to see you there!

If you have questions, please contact us!